Deloitte Australia identified a need to extend their capability in leveraging social within the firm to support business objectives; and engaged Deloitte Digital to identify key activities and initiatives to support their investment in this area.


Through the development of a social capital strategy, Deloitte Australia was able to identify opportunities that would allow employees to accept, embrace and advocate social throughout all elements of their role. 

Based on her involvement in the development of Deloitte Australia’s Social Capital Strategy, Jess was personally selected by the Chief Social Media Officer as the ‘change agent’ for increasing adoption of social tools within the firm – to augment professional relationships and increase work efficiency. During this time, Jess focused on improving the use of LinkedIn within the firm through a “Pimp your LinkedIn” initiative to improve the appearance of LinkedIn for all employees and Australia-wide road show.

A 70-person ambassador team was also developed (called 'The Posse') to advocate the use of social tools within the firm in a fun and inclusive manner.


Adoption of LinkedIn increased to over 90% within the Deloitte Australia partner group; as well as ensuring that the general quality of LinkedIn profiles was improved across the firm.

The implementation of the strategy has increased collaboration, connectivity and engagement with employees across the firm; positioning Deloitte Australia as a thought leader among Deloitte entities and the Australian market.


  • Development of the Social Capital Strategy through identification of tactical and strategic initiatives for implementation
  • Facilitating interviews with key stakeholders, Deloitte executive and key clients
  • Facilitating a 'YamJam' with Deloitte employees
  • Straw Man persona and scenario development to support the strategy
  • Development, talent identification and implementation of 'The Posse' 
  • Development and implementation of LinkedIn 'Pimp my Profile' initiative and documentation
  • Development and implementation of National Social Capital Roadshow, including all Deloitte Australia offices
  • Managing external contractors during development of training resources