A multi level marketing health and beauty organization; the client noticed that as communication methods changed to more social methods, and more digital natives around the world became engaged as distributors, the digital experience was not as mature as other channels. They required a digital strategy that would identify potential opportunities to engage existing distributors, support the recruitment for future distributors and encourage customers to purchase their products. 


A global digital strategy was developed that considered the nuances in people, process and technology across regions through ethnographic research across key markets. The digital strategy also outlined potential opportunities for distributors, sales leaders and customers. To support stakeholders in educating the broader organization on the strategic digital direction, a 'future state' journey map and supporting - highlighting key research insights and personas - was created.


The digital strategy was able to clearly identify key opportunity areas, tailored by region, and led to the development of a multi-year roadmap to execute the initiatives.


  • Planned and executed ethnographic research in the United States and South East Asia
  • Developed personas and a user journey map to communicate the future experience to client stakeholders
  • Identified initiatives for implementation as part of the digital strategy
  • Workshop facilitation with global stakeholders
  • Managed studio resources for journey map development
  • Developed script and studio resources for promotional video