sometimes people say nice things about me.


[Jess] had a huge impact on the creative and innovative spirit of Deloitte Australia... I was always impressed by her intellect and loved her passion for her job...I have no doubt that she is a future leader.
— Giam Swiegers, CEO Deloitte Australia
[Jess’] creativity and willingness to look at things from a different perspective has been so critical to the project.
— Former client CX Lead
It’s rare to find someone with her blend of technical, strategic and communication skills - and even more unusual to see them deployed with such passion, insight and to better effect.
— David Redhill, CMO Deloitte Australia

... about my ability to build TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS WITH clients

Jess is fantastic with clients and her confidence and knowledge put the client at ease and makes them feel that they have an experienced and knowledge team supporting them.
— Project Director, Deloitte Digital
When Jess and I first sat down to lay down her objectives, they were very plain and simple but not so easy to achieve; especially when you set an objective like “change client non-believers in UX to believers”.  I am very glad to inform you that she not only achieved this objective but also went over and above by building her eminence within the client’s UX community helping them understand how to go about formulating and planning for a user experience program.
— Senior Manager, Deloitte
Jess has an amazing ability to create strong relationships and she has shown it on the project by building trust and close relationships with the UX lead and other members of the client team.
— Engagement Manager, Deloitte Digital
Jess is not only technically adept, she is an advocate for developing and interacting with client and internal teams
— Project Manager, Deloitte Digital
Jess did an incredible job at making sure that the UX track of work was established clearly at the client side. She worked very hard and effectively to clear all doubts that our clients had around the necessity of an “expensive” UX track of work.
— Engagement Director, Deloitte Digital

... About my ability to #GSD AND DELIVER TO RESULTS

We’ve been really happy with the work [Jess has] pulled together.  I think [she] has made incredible progress in a short time in both understanding our organization and providing useful recommendations.
— Previous client
We could not have done this without [Jess]. I might add, this is one of the most motivated and “let’s get this done” attitudes ... I have had a chance to work with! 
— Project Manager, Deloitte Digital
Jess was reliable and effective throughout her time on the project. She has a strong ability to manage client expectations as well as advocate for the end user when necessary.
— Engagement Manager, Deloitte Digital
From a practice development perspective, Jess continues to contribute heavily to the growth of our studios and our evolution as an ‘agency consultancy’.
— Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital
Her hard work ethic and ability to quickly build strategic relationships has helped her be very successful.
— Engagement Manager, Deloitte Digital
Jess’s determination, work ethic and passion... are outstanding.
— Katherine Milesi, Deloitte Australia
Jess led the CX/UX workstreams effectively, delivering a clear and crisp set of findings and recommendations. She is a great team player and displayed great commitment to producing deliverables that were of the highest standards.
— Engagement Manager, Deloitte Digital
She worked tirelessly to deliver a first rate outcome that impressed the most senior stakeholders within our organisation...and was able to adapt to any environment she is confronted with. What is most impressive was that she was able to effectively adapt and utilise [her social] knowledge to help mitigate even the most complex business issues.
— Barry Dubovsky, Deloitte


Her entrepreneurial mindset is apparent and her sharp intelligence cuts to the chase...Jess’s natural leadership qualities have been instrumental in gaining profile for our Awesome Foundation group
— Suzie Graham, Awesome Foundation Sydney
Jess took the time to help support junior resources and ensure that we we were providing a holistic and informed solution for our clients.
— Project Director, Deloitte Digital
She brings a natural and authentic style of leadership to every project she works in, supporting and encouraging her team with clarity and thoughtfulness.
— Otto Wicks-Green, Deloitte
She consistently takes on much more than has been allocated for her, in addition she is keen to understand the challenges of projects, can quickly identify the gaps, and step into leadership roles to help solve the problems as they occur.
— Engagement Manager, Deloitte Digital


On top of her technical competency and speed of learning, she brings personality and fun to everything she does. Wherever Jess goes, she will make a major impact on the people around her.
— Melanie Hambarsoomian, Deloitte
[Jess’] authentic style led to the National “Social Media Tour of Awesome” in which she directly influenced almost 20% of our firm.. Her enthusiasm and quick wittedness will be missed, as will her attention to the small details.
— Jason Bender, Deloitte Australia
Jess has impressed me with her dedication to making great things happen... Jess’s passion for surfacing the quirky, interesting and fun happenings around Sydney has inspired me.
— Melinda Garcia, Awesome Foundation Sydney
Jess brings with her a combination of strategic smarts, passion and energy...I’d recommend that if you get the chance to work with Jess, you should take the opportunity with both hands.
— Steve Hopkins, Awesome Foundation Sydney