TELCO Customer Experience Transformation


The client had identified that customers were more likely to complete transactions if they engaged face to face with a sales representative during the purchasing process. The client wanted to identify an approach within their existing sales process to help encourage customers to transact.


Implemented a personalized and more real time SMS communication program leveraging Salesforce1. A pilot was initially launched to a small range of storses to validate assumptions before a broader roll out of the program.


The implementation improved the conversion rate within the stores and reduced the time between initial engagement and transaction. It also supported a broader initiative to integrate Salesforce into the broader sales representative experience.


  • Led functional discovery activities including requirements gathering and prioritization
  • Synthesized research activities to identify 'voice of customer' and key user requirements
  • Led strategic design decisions for customer and sales representative experience
  • ‘Proxy’ product owner to development teams (vendor and internal)
  • Managed relationships with vendors
  • Managed junior resources in executing activities