telco cx strategy, ux research, design & business analysis


Throughout my time working for Australia's largest telecommunications company, they were going through radical transformation to move from a government "red-taped" experience that relied on old systems and processes to an agile and design-centric organization. I was engaged on multiple projects within different business units (from customer facing, to small business, to large enterprise to internal employees) to help drive user centricity and alignment to the broader organization objectives.


CX Strategy

I was initially engaged as part of the Digital Transformation team to understand the current customer experience and journey across the lifecycle (including understanding people, processes and technology that underpinned this experience) and determine opportunities to improve digital adoption compared to other channels. Based on our research and leveraging data analytics, I also designed the first prototype of the client's mobile app as one of our key recommendations.

UX research

I was involved in numerous projects relating to user research for end customers, small businesses, enterprises and employees. The research scope was to understand the experience of using the client's products (primarily phone, web and network setup) and identify opportunities to improve the user experience. The outputs of the research included developing personas and scenarios, customer journeys, wireframing/conceptual design and user experience strategies/roadmaps to implement opportunities.

UX design

I developed wireframes and prototypes to convey the solutions identified based on the user research conducted. I used a combination of Axure and Balsamiq to develop flat and interactive prototypes. During these times I was colocated with clients and third parties as part of their agile sprints to ensure that designs were feasible and could be designed within agile timelines.

Business analysis & acceptance test management

Based on my experience with the client, I was engaged as a business analyst and acceptance test manager for the redevelopment of the primary website for the client. I was responsible for ensuring that the design and development activities met agile timelines, tracked defects and supported client end users in testing the experience to make sure it met requirements.


The client is now seen as a global market leader in the telecommunications space. Based on the customer experience strategy, a new business unit was developed that has consistently simplified complex processes, increase customer service/NPS ratings and saved money - both for the client and for their customers.

The primary website is consistently within the top 50 websites visited in Australia; and the mobile app would go on to be downloaded over 3.5 million times; and is used frequently by 1.4 million Australians.


  • Developed end-to-end customer journey map based on all channels and lifecycle touchpoints
  • Identified opportunities to improve digital adoption across the lifecycle
  • Prototype development of mobile app
  • Preparing and executing ethnographic research and contextual inquiries with B2C, B2B (small & medium businesses), B2E and employees
  • Developed personas and scenarios based on research
  • Developed wireframes (flat/interactive) and conceptual designs in Axure and Balsamiq
  • Managing to agile methodologies
  • Business analysis and process design
  • Test strategy development
  • Acceptance test management
  • JIRA management
  • Client and stakeholder management